Friday, July 08, 2005

good stuff

Here is part of an email I got from a friend who used to work with the girls in my youth group. I found it very encouraging as I am try to formulate a philosophy of ministry that is God-centered, not driven by the fads of "christendom" or competing with MTV. I hope you are encouraged as well.

I am learning so much - and thankful that the Lord is once again breaking down my "know-it-all" heart, and making me like a baby longing for His Word and truth. My passion for counseling women has been recently reignited - but I am so disappointed at my lack of discipline to be studying more than I am. The Lord has allowed some very difficult trials in my life, and seeing good friends being sucked into a life of discontentment, anger, bitterness, and pornography has been devastating to me. The more I studied and prayed how to help them, the more I realize that any counseling has to deal with a proper theology of God. Profound huh? No- basic. I was studying all these books on helping women, but really it comes down to the basic, foundational belief system of WHO GOD IS. It is so easy in this day and age to lose sight of His AWESOMENESS - HOLINESS - FEARFULNESS - we wrongly presume upon His grace and mercy continuosly - i'm no exception!

For His glory, by His grace

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