Monday, September 26, 2005

a night in India

Last friday we had our first monthly international night. The goal for these nights is threefold (oohh that word sounds so biblical!) 1. To build better relationships with the families of students in our youth groups. All family members are invited and hopefully through this we can get to know and earn the trust of the families of our students so that we can better minister and serve them. 2. Family fun. Our students rarely if ever have the opportunity of sharing a meal with their family (physical or spiritual). 3. Exposure to other cultures and how God is working through His church. Most of our students have never been out of LA and these nights provide a platform for exposing them to the beauty of God's creation as well as how He is at work around the world.

This month we had an India theme. Fortunately two ladies from our church had recently been to India on a missions trip so they came and shared with us. For our first night two parents came with their respective students. Believe me this was a huge breakthrough as we have not had much success in getting parents involved in anything ministry related before.

I look forward to seeing how God is going to use these nights in the future

by His grace, for His glory


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J.R. Freiberg said...

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Tim said...

well, you can choose a setting for word verification so those things don't get put on your blog.

as far as the youth event goes, that sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun. I'll have to keep something like that in mind for future events.

J.R. Freiberg said...

i'm torn because i just find spam so amusing, but i probably will turn on that word verification