Monday, October 31, 2005

schnitzel with noodles...a few of my favorite things

Last friday night we had our monthly international night and this time we traveled to the mystical land of Germany. One of the motivations to do Germany this month was that the only thing the youth have heard about Germany has to do with the nazis and just to show you how warped the culture and history that these students get fed in the inner city, they thought the nazis were cool because they were powerful, mythically evil and in some sense "revolutionary" - sort of like how it is now trendy to like Che. Also I think that somehow many inner city minorities, having been misinformed, empathize with the plight of the Palestinians and as a result a latent anti-semitism brews in some unlikely communities. Anyways I had to explain to them that Hitler hated Hispanics just as much as he did Jews, which caught them by surprise. Needless to say I got to have some interesting conversations.
But back to the night, one of Isabel's friends from TMC who is German came down and cooked for us and it was GREAT! She also shared a bit about Germany and dispelled alot of misunderstandings and stereotypes. The students were actually quite fascinated and asked really intelligent questions...until things degenerated into asking her how to call policemen bad names in German. But she was very gracious through it all, and over all the kids behaved very well. We closed the dinner portion of the night with a more well-informed prayer time for the people of Germany and specifically the church in Germany. Following that I gave a little spiel about Martin Luther and we watched Luther. Praise be to God that He used this fun event to teach eternal lessons and truths.

by His grace, for His glory,

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Tim said...

so i had a dream about Uganda last night. I was going back but i had forgotten my journal and had to go back and get it or Bosworth was going to flunk me.

nice lederhosen.