Tuesday, February 28, 2006

of men and mammon part II

As I was polishing up my lesson for tonight's youth group on Eph. 1:15-23 (any prayer is appreciated), I stumbled across these quotes from one of my favorite books, Revolution of Love by George Verwer. One of them is in the same vein as my post, the other one is perhaps a slight rebuke of my heart's motive in writing it. Both are great. enjoy. ponder. absorb.

We who claim to have the truth, we evangelicals, we Bible-believers, have become hardened to the need of mankind. In recent years movements like 'Live Aid' and 'The Race Against Time', which are not even specifically Christian, have overtaken many Christian groups in mobilising aid for the starving in Africa and Asia. Sometimes I feel ashamed of the complacency of Christians, while these young people are making such efforts. If I asked you to distribute leaflets and promised to give you five pence a leaflet, how many leaflets would you give out? If I said I would give you 50 pounds cash for every person you bring to Jesus Christ, maybe you would be motivated to go out and tell others about the gospel a little more! Is this really the way we should react? We all know it is not. No one can put a value on a soul. (p.32)

Let us beware of getting worked up by the way people spend money. This is always a sensitive area. There are some people who will spend more money in one week for a hotel room and food than some of us would spend in a month. Yet God is using them. How can this happen? It can happen because God is sovereign, God is great, God is a God of love, God is a God of mercy, and he looks upon our hearts. Let us look to God and live our lives the way he shows us, being able to say, 'Others may, I cannot.' This is a sign of true spiritual maturity. (49)

by His grace, for His glory

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