Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Prayer Requests

My original intention for this blog was for it to be both a way of keeping those inclined to read informed on the ministry that God has placed me into as well as an outlet to work out in writing things God has been teaching me. Unfortunately as I look back at the last month or so of posts, I feel I have digressed into just talking about me. So I would like to take this post to get back on track by sharing with you all some prayer requests for specific youth that I minister to:

Laura: Laura and her 4(?) brothers and sisters are orphaned and are under the foster care of their grandma. Over the Christmas break Laura ran away from home for about two weeks. She eventually came back but somehow family services found out about her running away and told the grandma that they would have to put her in an institution. The grandmother did not want to tell Laura about it as she feared she would run away again, so Laura got a surprise visit from some family service agents last week who told her to pack her bags and come with them. None of her brothers or sisters were home at the time so she was not able to even say goodbye to them. Our pastor had to tell her brothers and sisters that she was gone. As far as I know she is in some sort of boarding school and will be allowed to return home after six months if the authorities are convinced that she will not run away again. There are so many things about this situation that demand prayer but please specifically pray that God would minister to Laura while she is away, that her brothers and sisters would grow in their trust in God through this, as well as for the grandmother and the difficult task of raising four kids who are not her own by herself.

Vanessa: Vanessa has been a part of our youth group for a few years but recently her mother remmarried and moved the family to San Diego. Vanessa has been having real problems with her new step-father as he is very strict and apparently has made her feel as if he wishes she was not part of the equation. Thankfully Sarah, (who lives in San Diego) has been able to meet with Vanessa and minister to her. Please pray for Vanessa as she is all alone in a new city and new family. Pray that her faith will be strengthened and she will have the ability to love and respect even those who don't show love to her.

Christian: As long as we are talking about people in San Diego, I would like to remember Christian who is attending UCSD. As far as I know he is doing well and walking with the Lord. His faith is always an encouragement to me.

Joe: Joe is a natural leader and a strong believer. Yet like all leaders I think he struggles with having everybody look up to him. He has had to be the man of the house his entire life and that has made him mature beyond his years. Yet Joe wants to be a kid still. Please pray for Joe as he struggles to find his identity in Christ.

Kornut: Kornut spent much of high school on drugs and breaking into cars. After he graduated he fell into a cycle that eventually ended up in prison. While in prison he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. I met Kornut the day he got out of prison. That was about two years ago. Since that time I have had the priviledge of watching Kornut become an amazing witness of God. Please join with me in praising God for the life that he has given my dear brother in Christ. Kornut's family recently were the targets of a break in and vandalizism and the Godly example he has displayed during this trial is truly inspiring. Kornut is one of those people that I have to hold back my tears when he speaks because about God because I know how much the truths that he speaks of means to him.

I could share many more stories, praises and requests but I want this list to be practical and functional. In other words, please pray!

by His grace,
for His glory,

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jeremy said...

thanks for the update, too often i forget to pray for these my friends.