Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prayer Requests

For those of you who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, I could sure use some prayer in the following areas:
- Thirst for intimacy with God. I was greatly convicted today when my Pastor pointed out in his sermon that instead of seeking God so that He will bless our ministries we should seek God first and formost for God. We should have no greater joy than pure, hardcore, in your face, nitty gritty, intimacy with the one that lets us breath. I want to want that!
- That said, I do feel right in asking for God's blessing on the ministry He has me in, a ministry which I feel increasingly inadquate for. It has been discouraging to see so many of the core youth of our youth group struggle with rebellious hearts, lack of faith, or just become distracted with school or new jobs. Please pray that God would send a new convicting passion to know Him through His Word and to be fervently obedient to it.
- Please lift up our church (First Evangelical Free Church of Los Angeles). Being submerged in the barrage of worldviews, marketing schemes, and spiritual warfare that is the inner city, our body is very often bruised and battered. Pray that we will be radically Biblical in our faith and practice and God would send encouragement in the face of daily battle.
- Pray that our upcoming High School Youth Group staff retreat goes well. Pray that the lessons will be Biblical and well communicated. Pray that hearts will be united. Pray that selfless servant leadership will be modeled and pursued.
- I would also crave your prayers for strength and love in leading my wife. I am incredibly selfish and marriage just amplifies that. Loving her, "as Christ loves the church" is a task which requires constant prayer to even think about obtaining.

eternally thankful,


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