Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Prayer Quotes

"Mark this! Make your amen strong, never doubting that God is surely listening to you. This is what amen means: That I know with certainty that this prayer has been heard by God." - Martin Luther

"Certain requirements must be met if the art of prayer is to be acquired. In the main there are two: practice and perseverance. Without practice no Christian will become a real man or woman of prayer. And practice cannot be attained without perseverance."
- Hallesby

"The most important appointment I have today is my appointment with Jesus in prayer"
- Fred Dickason

"Luther and his companions were men of such mighty pleading with God, that they broke the spell of ages, and laid nations subdued at the foot of the Cross. John Knox grasped all Scotland in his strong arms of faith and his prayers terrified tyrants. Whitefield, after much bold, faithful closet pleading, went to the devil's playground and took more than a thousand souls out of the jaws of the lion in one day"
- D.L. Moody

"I praise God that in His providence Brainerd should die in my house so that I might hear his prayers, so that I might witness his consecration, and be inspired by his example."
- Jonathan Edwards

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