Friday, May 11, 2007

Prayer in the Life of Elijah (part 1)

Who Elijah Was:
Not much is known about the personal background of Elijah. What we know comes primarily from I Kings 17 and James 5:17. James says that Elijah was a man “just like us”. I Kings states that he was a Tishbite from Gilead. Gilead was known for being a cultural and economic backwater. Elijah wasn’t from royal blood, most likely had a minimal education and as far as is recorded was not a man of great wealth. There was no natural, social, or economic feature or ability that set Elijah apart from the common man. Everything that Elijah had available to him is available to us as believers. James keeps his readers from putting Elijah up on a pedestal. No one can point to Elijah and say, “well of course he prayed like that! He was Elijah!” No, Elijah was no superman. He was just like us. Therefore we can learn to pray powerful and effectively just like him. Although the circumstances and answers may be different, our prayers are to the same God and our answers come from the same God.

praying that we grow in prayer,

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