Thursday, July 05, 2007

Road Trippin

I was hesitant to post anything about our recent EPIC road trip because I assume that the only reason people read this is because of the deep and life-changing theology so clearly and skillfully presented here (that is a joke in case you can't sense the sarcasm pulsing from your computer screen, not that theology is a joke...or that it couldn't change your life). But then I realized that if I didn't blog about it I would not have a record of our trip floating about in cyberspace until eternity. So we will take a break from Elijah and in the next few posts I will reflect on the latest adventure God granted us to take.

L.A. To Cedar City

Sorry, not much scenery to show off here unless you think Barstow is beautiful (Sarah and I decided that Barstow should be a synonym for upchuck...just try using it in a sentence sometime...sorry if you are from Barstow). We got to Vegas around dinner time and headed strait to Excalibur for their "cheap" $15 buffet. I had to cover Sarah's eyes on the way there so that she would not stumble (spiritually and literally) by looking at the poster's for the "Thunder from Down Under" (don't ask). I on the other hand wanted to barstow all over the place (told you it worked!).
After our over-the-top MSG drenched dinner we decided to take in some sites. We waded our way (literally) through the inches of pornographic handouts which littered the sidewalk down to the Bellagio, apparently one of the swankiest casinos on the strip. Although I really wasn't too impressed with indoors (after living in Europe it is hard to get impressed with any form of American architecture) I have to admit the fountain show was pretty snazzy. After that we decided we had had enough of sin city and made a beeline back to our car, trying not to get a seizure from the neon overload. I guess I can maybe understand the shallow pleasure of this city that is so attractive to the world but I really don't see how someone who is in love with Jesus would feel comfortable there for too long. But what an awesome mission field! Pray for the believers in that city that they would be focused on reaching and changing their city for Christ! Don't think it could happen? God did it to Nineveh with 1 ornery, racist and disobedient messenger!

From Vegas we headed into Utah for our final destination of the day, Cedar City. As far as scenery goes I can only tell you that the drive from Vegas to Cedar City is dark at night. We got into Cedar City about 2am which is 3am in Utah hours and were greeted by a half-naked man holding an M-4. Fortunately, this man was my good friend and he had a bed waiting for us.

NEXT EPISODE: Polygamists, pygmies, and bruised bottoms!

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Katalina said...

I like you guys...quite a break from Elijah. Thanks for reading, and praying. See you in a few weeks. And I will tell you one thing, this next year, I am ready to get my hands dirty