Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prayer Request - Youth Group Kick Off!

I want to take a break from the never ending road trip to ask for your prayers as we prepare to kick off another year of youth ministry. We are trying a lot of new things this year, including emphasizing small groups a lot more. We have never really been able to get consistent small groups off the ground but hopefully this is the year. another big change is that we are going to have Junior High and High School together for the worship and teaching time and then split up when we go to small groups. Could get pretty crazy.
the first seven weeks I will be preaching through the topics highlighted in our missions statement:
Our mission is to create a Christ-centered community of passionate worship, unwavering discipleship, personal and corporate holiness, and radical missional ministry

By spending so much time going through the missions statement I hope to create a sense of unity in purpose and mission, so that the Youth and Staff are clear about what we are about and what our goal is as a body of Christ.

So if you would like to join in our mission, you can do so by praying for the following things:
- that the staff would make the priority of their life to know and love Christ deeply , whether or not that translates into "successful" ministry
- that the youth would catch the vision to know Christ deeply themselves and want to share that knowledge with their city
- that we would be excellent in every aspect of ministry
- that logistics would go smoothly
- That we would have a CHrist-reflecting attitude even and especially when things don't go smoothly

thank you for lifting us up,

by His grace
for His glory

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