Monday, September 03, 2007

Yellowstone (Road Trip part 5)

The next morning, we left the Grand Tetons behind...

...and headed north to Yellowstone National Park

After we had found a camp site...

...we drove around and explored the park

We saw many animals, including Bighorn sheep, Bald Eagles, Coyotes, and lots of elk

We also saw some of the geothermal features of the parks

And of course, Old Faithful

We also visited some of the man-made sites, like the Old Faithful Inn

We spent the evening visiting Sarah's friend, Emily, who works at the park during the summers. Afterwards we drove back across the park (about a 2 hour drive) in the dark completely alone. It's quite a strange feeling seeing the eyes of a bull elk reflect in your head lights as it is shrouded in steam from a nearby

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