Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prayer in the Life of Elijah (part 8)

Persevering Prayer
One more aspect of Elijah’s prayer life from which we can draw application to our own, is his example of persevering or persistent prayer. This is perhaps most clearly seen in Elijah’s prayer for rain to return after the 3 ½ year drought. In I Kings 18:41-46 we see that Elijah’s request for rain to return was not immediately granted. Yet Elijah persistently prayed with his face buried in between his knees until God answered his prayer. Again we see the patient perseverance of Elijah’s prayer in his prayer for the widow’s dead son(I Kings 17). Three times this man of God prays to God for a resurrection. In the mystery of God, some of Elijah’s prayers were answered immediately and others were answered only after patient and persistent prayer.
Jesus commanded the same such persistent prayer of His followers. We are to be like the persistent widow of Jesus’ parable (Luke 18:1-8). Let us not give up if our prayers are not answered immediately and emphatically. God’s ways are not our ways and He answers prayer in accordance with His plan and timetable.

by His grace,
for His glory,

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