Friday, November 30, 2007

Road Trip (part 7)

Well, even though almost an entire semester of school has passed since I posted about Sarah and I's road trip last summer, the masses have demanded that I finish the story. Alright maybe not the masses but one or two relatives but hey, it's finals week and I don't have the time or brain capacity to write anything worth your reading so I'll post some pictures from our trip and let them do the talking.

We last left our heroine and her dashing prince in Rapid City, South Dakota. If you need to review, here is the link to Part Six of our Road Trip.

We pick up our story at the Marriot in Rapid City, SD. We then drove until we saw our first glimpses of ...

Mount Rushmore!

I had seen Mt. Rushmore as a kid and obviously the heads hadn't changed but the viewing area/museum/gift store/food court had. Not quite as rustic feeling as I remembered it. Still impressive though.

After looking at the awe inspiring decapitated presidents we headed east. Once we were on the freeway we were reminded about every 1/8th of a mile where our next destination was...


Walldrug is basically a souvenir shop on crack, steriods, and a good way! Every kind of Western/mid-western paraphernalia (and a bunch of other random stuff) you could ever want or think of and more is available at this former small town drugstore. We ate at the super-cheap and super-good and super-crowded-with-every-painting-that-has-to-do-with-the-wild-wild-west cafeteria, our meal complete with 10 cent coffee. After that we perused the grounds. Sarah especially enjoyed the animal life.

After we had stocked up on supplies we again headed east to our ultimate destination...

Sarah, myself, our car, and our two cowboy hats arrived at Grandma's and put our heads down just as the sun was coming up.

Until next time!

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