Monday, February 11, 2008

One day, two worlds

Last Sunday, February 10, I attended two gatherings, both intended to bring honor to a specific person or group of people. One was, of course, church. The other was the Grammy Awards, which I, believe it or not, sold candy at. Needless to say it was big culture shock going right from one to the other. Below are some contrasts and comparisons. I will let you determine which event I am talking about:

- One had a few dozen in attendance, the other was watched by millions
- Both brought together people of all ages, races, and musical tastes
- I wore an old striped shirt and cargo pants to one, I wore a collared white shirt, black tie, and brand new dress pants to the other
- I sat next to a 3 year-old with a stinky diaper at one, there was no one under 15 at the other
- Speeches were limited to 30 seconds at one, at the other we listened intently to someone speak for over 30 minutes
- There was a lot of shaking of hands at both
- There were believers and unbelievers at both
- There were people who had been addicted to drugs at both
- Some of the richest people in our country were at one, some of the poorest people in our country were at the other
- One took months of preparation, at the other a band practiced 15 minutes before
- One will not take place for another year, the other will take place every week
- One was full of familiar strangers, the other was full of family members who are strange
- Honor was shown at one with loving hearts and engaged minds, honor was shown at the other with gold trophies
- One ceremony gave honor to creations who made creations, the other brought honor to the Creator of all
- At one thanks and credit was given by the one being honored to various people who had supported them, at the other credit was given to no one except for the One being honored
- One honored people who had died, the other honored Someone who had died and come back from the dead.
- One honored people who were born and will die, one honored a Being who always has been and always will be
- I saw Snoop Dog, Josh Groban, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Seal, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Alicia Keyes, and many more famous people at one, no one famous was at the other.

That's all I've got time for now!
Hope it gave you some food for thought!

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Tim Costine said...

haha, that's awesome! good comparisons. very cool post.