Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Banquet

Last Tuesday (Feb. 12) the high school youth group put on a Valentine's Banquet. This was both an outreach to the families of the youth and a fundraiser for a summer missions trip we hope to go on. We were hoping for 20-30 people but got over 130! This was of course a blessing but it definitely added to the craziness of the night and necessitated a couple emergency trips to the store to get more food. Despite the pandemoniom, the night was successful in the things that mattered.
The staff worked as a team, the youth stepped up and owned the night participating in everything from leading prayer and worship to waiting tables to fixing food, we raised over $400 and most importantly the Gospel was preached! My friend from college and seminary preached a short but excellent and potent message on having a cross-centered family that preaches and lives out the Gospel daily and Carlos Pizarro, assistant pastor for the Spanish Congregation, translated. Below are some pictures from the night. Enjoy and join with me in praising God for blessing the night!

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