Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hope for those controlled by Hatred - A praise update

Last week I had the immense privilege of sharing the Gospel with a youth who had been involved with gangs and to watch God bring him to repentance and salvation. This young man had been trying to break ties with the gang he was in but was jumped by 10 other gang members, resulting in a dislocated shoulder, a few knocked out teeth, and a concussion. Ever since this happened this youth has been filled with thoughts of hatred and revenge. He told me, “If I see these people again and I have a gun, I will shoot them.” He knew it was the wrong thing to do but he felt like he had no other choice, his hatred had taken him over. I spoke to him about the transforming power of Jesus Christ and that Jesus didn’t want to just change or fix some things about him but he wanted to kill him and give him a new life. God wanted to nail his old, sinful, hate-controlled self up on the cross with Christ and give him a new life as a child of God. When I explained these things to him from Scripture, he said that was exactly what he wanted and needed. I told him to just express his heart to God and without any coaching from me, a tear-filled, contrite prayer with sentences like, “I know I need to change but I am helpless to change”, “I have sinned against you and need your forgiveness”, “please kill my old self and give me new life”, and “I trust you with my life now Jesus” poured out of this broken teenager. What a joy to be able to witness this miracle! Please pray that this youth will be protected from the temptations and dangers of his old life and will remain faithful in following Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!! That is exciting. We will pray for him and you as you minister to him.