Monday, September 15, 2008

Jesus and Psalm 90:14

I have been preparing for a sermon series in Youth Group called, "Portraits of Jesus". My goal is to present Jesus to the Youth the way the Bible does, which is not the way we normally think of Jesus. Too often we pick the things we like about Jesus and ignore the rest. Youth in the church grow up with a Jesus-lite and Youth outside the church get their ideas of Jesus from MTV or worse sources. My goal is to confront them with the real Jesus and see what happens. Should be fun.
A huge benefit of this series is that I get to spend all of my study time learning about my favorite person, Jesus Christ. Hopefully this time won't just be learing about Jesus through reading what other people think they know about Jesus but will also be a time where I can be taught about Jesus by Jesus Himself. When I get up to preach to the kids I don't want to just talk about the Jesus of history, or the Jesus of Billy Graham or Macarthur or Spurgeon....I want to talk about MY Jesus. The Jesus that I know personally. The Jesus that owns me. The Jesus that delights in me because of who His blood has made me to be. The Jesus that watches me sleep. The Jesus that rides my bike to church with me everyday. The real, living Jesus. To be honest I don't feel like I can talk about Jesus like that every day. But I want to.
In Psalm 90:14 Moses cries out that God would "satisfy us in the morning with His unfailing love." Since there is no greater expression of God's unfailing love than the person of Jesus Christ, another way of saying this could be, "God satisfy us with Yourself!" The idea of satisfaction is recieving something you want. something you are hungry for. If you are hungry for a steak, a pickle won't do the trick. I am not satisfied with Jesus, because I am not hungry for Him. So behind the prayer of Moses which I echo, is the prayer, "God, change my tastes. Help me not to settle for anything less than You! You are willing and able to satisfy me, if only I was hungry for You! Change my twisted desires. Complete Your promise to give me a new heart that craves only You! How I long for the day when there is no competition in my soul for the affections You deserve. I will never be truly satisfied unless I first hunger."

craving Jesus

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