Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming back home...changed

As some of you know I have been in training for the last 3 months (5 weeks in Newport, RI for Navy Officer Development School and 7+ weeks in Columbia, SC at the Navy Chaplaincy School and Center). Following graduation on Wednesday, Sarah and I will be traveling back to Los Angeles and San Diego for about 10 days before we go on to my ultimate duty station in Okinawa.
I am excited to be back home, but I also know that these last three months have been a transformative experience. Some of the ways I have been changed are obvious - I make my bed now and shave everyday. But much of the change has been on a deeper level and is harder for me to put my finger on. I expect some of this change will become more evident when I return home to LA. I know this could be a potentially hard return as I will feel disconnected somewhat from the people I have been so close with over the last ten years because they do not understand what I have been through these last months.
I have learned many important lessons through this experience and I would ask you to join me in prayer that I would be able to understand and communicate these lessons in a way that is helpful to my brothers and sisters in Los Angeles. Pray that God will give me the right message to share and the right way of sharing it as opportunities arrive upon my return.
This situation is uncharted waters for me.


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