Thursday, July 14, 2005

laying the bricks

Well, last tuesday night was my first official night back as the director of the High School youth group. It was great to be back. I truly am excited for what the Lord has for our youth group family. On the one hand I am terrified to have the responsibility of being a leader in the body of Christ. On the other hand I can not wait to watch God work as He teaches me to depend less and less on myself and watch Him work in and through us as we seek Him as a family.

As last Tuesday was my first time back as well as Marybeth's (a member of last years Nehemiah House/LABEX and faithful youth leader) last before she returns home to Georgia, we mostly had a time of catching up not to mention carne asada so yummy it'll make ya wanna slap somebody!

I also presented the topic of the following weeks' discussion and teaching: our philosophy of ministry. Seeing how Paul clearly lays out his philosophy of ministry in Ephesians 4:11-16 I figured I would just rip him off, considering the fact that he was inspired in writing it (I don't think he would mind). So for the next month we will be discovering and exploring what God's idea of what a church is all about, using these verses as a focal point. Please be praying that I will have the humility, courage, and perservance to be faithful to both the truth of God's Word as well as to provide the students with clear teaching and opportunities for them to react and respond to what God is teaching them in and out of youth group.

by His grace, for His glory

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