Monday, August 29, 2005

the power of pee

Yes you read that right. It says pee (see my July post title A Stab in the Dark for my content disclaimer, I just wouldnt be a Freiberg without some "potty" humor every so often). So if you are one of those squeemish types maybe you should sit this one out (I would much rather you stay freinds with me than learn about the wonders of urine). But for those as wierd as me, enjoy!

Over the years, urine and I have become well acquainted. That's why I was delighted to see my old buddy in the news recently. It seems that some scientists in Singapore have found a way to harness the raw energy that is piddle and turn it into power for batteries. Apparently the idea is to develop a self-contained dialasis machine that will run off of a person's own liquid waste. Is anyone else as excited about this as I am? As my mind swirls with thoughts of the mellow yellow some observations are made.

1. Urine strengthens my faith.
What an amazing God we have that even our waste can be turned into practical uses! (Scientists from Singapore arent the first people to delve into the wonders of urine. Mankind has been using it for centuries for everything from fertilzer to amonia to cloth dye. The Romans valued urine so mucht that they evoked a Urine Tax ). It amazes me that not only has God provided us with a perpetual resource, but has also given us the creativity to use it.

2. Urine challenges my faith.
If one takes the view that Adam and Eve were physically perfect before they sinned and death entered into the world, then would that mean that their bodies did not waste anything it consumed? If so, what was the purpose of having exit points for waste? Hmmm...something to think about. But dont think too hard. I dont want anyone throwing in the towel on pursuing God just because I cant figure out how the digestive system fits into the grand scheme of things.

3. I think too much about urine.
By now you are probably thinking, where does this guy have the time to think this much about pee? The truth is I dont. I guess I'm just enjoying my last few moments of freedom before I start seminary classes tommorrow.

Vaya con Dios

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eric said...

Now if only we could get a copy of "Urine Charge" up on your blog, your Potty Talk would be complete.