Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tito update

I assure you there are other awesome students in our youth group, but lately I have really been contecting with Tito and blessed as I watch the Lord work in his life. This week at youth group Tito shared with me some specific struggles and things he would like prayer for. I asked him if he minded if I put them on my site so that those of you who wish to can join us in prayer and he gave me the thumbs up.
Tito asks for prayer in the following areas:
  • Ability to be a good witness of Christ to his unbelieving family, especially his father who appears to be hostile to the Gospel
  • Ability to humblely forgive and ask for forgiveness for past wrongs experienced in his family
I would also appreciate your prayers for wisdom and strength in being a big brother in Christ to Tito as well as possibly witnessing to his family

By His grace, for His glory

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