Friday, September 16, 2005

staff retreat

Just thought i would take a shot at trying to drum up some prayer support for this weekend's staff retreat. Four of us will be spending the weekend at my parent's house in San Diego praying and planning for this year's high school ministry.
If you feel so obliged please pray that:
  • We would grow in love for the Lord and for each other
  • The Holy Spirit will give us wisdom as we plan ways to serve and enable the youth of our church

by His grace, for His glory,


Anonymous said...

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J.R. Freiberg said...

i was going to delete this spam but it thought it was kind of funny so i'm going to leave it. I wouldnt recommend clicking on the link though, who knows what kind of weirdness it opens

Anonymous said...

looking for prayer and you get spam, weird how that works. this weekend will be in my prayers. don't eat any spam on the retreat. nasty stuff.

Tim said...

hey, you'll have to tell me who it went. hope you guys are excited for everything that God is going to be doing through your ministry!

eric said...

So how'd the retreat go? I talked to Brad on Friday night. He was on his way to the retreat. I hope it was profitable and refreshing. A cold glass of water, if you will.

Matt and Crystal Kehn said...

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God bless brother!