Friday, December 23, 2005

Thoughts from the international departure lounge

Well I got in to Tokyo last night safe and sound.

but let's start from the beginning.

Disclaimer: The next few weeks of posts arent necessarily meant to be a play by play account of my trip merely a selective sharing of thoughts, reflections, journal entries, and basically whatever I feel like sharing and/or feel could edify those who want to read.

Journal entry #1 December 20, 2005

I start tonight another journey, or rather another turn in the bend of a journey I have barely begun. With the start of this journey comes the start of another journal which forces me to ask, why do I journal when I travel? Why don't I journal every day? What makes traveling more important than my everyday routine? Does journal signify worth, as if my non-traveling life is worth less or insignificant? Or is it that only traveling affords me the time to journal and reflect, thus being one of the reasons I love to travel and wander so much? Is there any way or benefit to forcing myself to reflect and journal whilst (great word huh?) in the midst of the routine?




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