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Prayer Sheets

Last night the outreach team from the Master's College joined our church in a night of prayer. The night was divided into a time of personal confession, intercession for the church and community, and lastly praise and thanksgiving for who God is and the riches of His blessings. The night was overwhelmingly encouraging and might very well have been the most profitable thing we have ever done with a visiting missions team. Below is the prayer guide I printed out to facilitate the prayer walk around the neihborhood. The walk was divided up into 8 sections, each section focusing on a different aspect of the community and the needs and opportunities of that area. I am
posting it here for those of you who are interested in praying for our church and community. Though the requests are somewhat broad, I assure you that behind each need and opportunity, there is a name, face and soul to which our church is ministering to.

Prayer Guide

1. First Evangelical Free Church of Los Angeles
Restore and Renew Campaign
Funds will come in for the Physical Restoration of the church
Unity among congregations both internal and interdependently
Spanish Congregation
English Congregation
African Congregation
Conversion growth
Pray for a new wave of revival in this neighborhood
Pray for passion among church members to reach and disciple the lost
Pray for the resources to undertake comprehensive discipleship
Pray that the leadership will be united around Biblical philosophy of ministry
Pray that leadership development structures will be put into place to raise up a new generation of leaders in the church and community
Pray for wisdom, creative, energy, diligence, resources, and commitment in running and maintaining church programs

2. 1331 Apartments
Immigration issues
Pray for the church as they seek to bring the Gospel to immigrants in a way that is faithful, holistic, and loving as well as law abiding
Pray for the injustices against immigrants that make it difficult to find work, housing, education, and support
Pray for those immigrants that will someday return to their country of origin that the Gospel will return with them as well

3. Corner of Albany and Pico – main bus stop for schools
pray for safe learning enviornments
pray for competent teachers
pray for a desire to learn amongst the students
pray for a growing witness in these schools
10th street Elementary
Berendo Junior High School
Belmont High School
Learning Center
School Police Station
Pray for safety, wisdom and justice amongst police officers who work at the schools

4. Corner of Pico and Union
The Neighborhood
Taken from
Pico Union is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Once predominantly white and (prior to World War II) heavily Jewish, it is now primarily populated by first-generation Hispanic immigrants, particularly Oaxacans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Hondurans. In many places, Pico-Union resembles an East Side neighborhood, with busy industrial concerns frequently adjoining residential properties. A number of Korean businesses, priced out of Koreatown, have also established themselves in the district. Most of the district lies within the infamous Rampart Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, and is plagued with high crime. Several transnational gangs, most notably the 18th Street Crew and Mara Salvatrucha ("MS-13"), were started in the neighborhood and maintain a strong presence.
Pico Union may be in the beginning stages of gentrification. Although the core of the neighborhood is still impoverished and somewhat dilapidated, the area's western and eastern fringes are beginning to see residential development. Near the Harbor Freeway, development in downtown Los Angeles--especially the South Park area around Staples Center--is expanding into Pico-Union, while the areas around Hoover Street are beginning to be incorporated into something of a "Greater Koreatown."

5. Joe’s House
Family Issues
Pray for God to restore strong family units back to this neighborhood
Pray that God’s Spirit, Truth and church will minister to broken families and penetrate into these households
Pray for child abuse, adultery, alcoholism, teen pregnancy. poverty and drug use, all of which are prevalent in this neighborhood. Pray that God will break this cycle with His Good News

6. Nehemiah House
Pray for those in the house
Pray that they will grow in unity and love
Pray that their walk with God will remain strong and focused in the midst of so much responsibility
Pray for Aaron as his sister was killed last week
Youth Ministry
Pray for the specific ministries that they would be faithful to communicate the Gospel in a true and relevant way.
S.A.Y Yes Center
High School Youth Group
Junior High Youth Group
Nehemiah House
Protection and Sustaining of those in ministry

7. Toberman Park
Gang warfare
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 18th Street Gang is a Los Angeles-based gang comprised mostly of Chicano and Mexican members. It is estimated that it is the largest gang in the United States with over 20,000 members in Los Angeles County alone.[1]
It has since grown to be California's largest street gang, with membership in the thousands at the start of the gang. Out of the membership it is estimated that about 60% are illegal immigrants, according to a confidential report last year by the state's Department of Justice.[2] While the majority of the gang's activities occur in Los Angeles, the gang is active throughout the United States and in other countries such as in Canada, Peru, El Salvador, Australia, and in several Asian and European countries.
Pray for the salvation of gang members
Pray for those vunerable to become involved in gangs
Pray for victims of gang violence
Pray for believers who are seeking to reach gang members with the Gospel
The safety and justice of police officers

8. Corner of Albany and Venice
Pray that God would bring unity around His Truth and Love amongst the many different ministries and churches that are in the city.
Pray for the protection, guidance, and sustaining of all Christians who are involved in ministering in the inner city in some way or another.

by His Grace,
Fory his glory,

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