Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Updates and the like

Man Camp and Woman Camp were a success, thanks for asking. Immediately afterwards it was difficult to judge what kind of spiritual fruit might come from the weekend. Last night however, one of the girls that attended made a proffession of faith in Christ! In addittion two youth who also attended where baptized last sunday at our Thanksgiving service! Only God knows exactly how He used the time spent at the camps but praise Him that He is working in the lives of these youth so visibly.

Have a great Thanksgiving


T-Bone said...

great to hear of visible fruit. glad to hear that the baptisms worked out. see you soon!

T-Bone said...

hey, i saw you're using Library Thing. I've checked out, but I'm not sure its worth my time. is it?

jrf said...

so far its been pretty nice. I dont let my self play with the whole social networking side of it so so far it hasnt been too much of a time trap. i just use it to organize my books as I read them.