Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the Divine Oops?


now that I know that at least four people (my 2 year old second cousin included) read this blog I have a renewed sense of worth and purpose. No, really thank you for your kind and encouraging comments.
So now that i know you all can use the comments section, let's get a discussion going. Below is a quote from Bruce Ware's book entitled God's Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism. Open Theism is a model of thinking about God being proposed by some in the "evangelical" world of Christianity. It basically states that true love and relationship can only happen between two equally vunerable persons. Therefore if God truly loves us and we are to truly love Him, He would have to share our limitations as far as not knowing the future. If He predetermined the future, or even knew the future, He would have an unfair advantage over us and therefore the relationship would not be genuine. or something like that. So, read the quote below and let's talk about what the implications are for and against believing in a God that knows the future. Let's discuss freely but as always, the Word of God will be the final authority.

"I have in mind particularly the suggestion that God reassessed his decision to bring a flood upon the whole world, sensing the pain from that destruction to have been greater than the pain from the sin itself. I see no other way to take this than as a suggestion that God in hindsight judged that he had made an enormous mistake. Granted, Sanders makes clear he believes that God was righteous in this judgment. Fine, but was he wise? Consider the magnitude of this mistake, if in fact God thought it so to be. The whole world, save a few people and animals, was deliberately killed by God in this action. Issues in human affairs could hardly get weightier than this. to think that God looked back and thought to himself, This was too severe and I am not entirely sure I should have done it; in fact, I'll never do it again, is nothing short of staggering! What confidence can we have in a God who must second guess his own actions? What does this tell us about the wisdom of God's own plans? If God is not sure that what he does is best, can we be sure that he really knows what he is doing? The simple fact is that a God who can only speculate regarding what much of the future holds, at times second-guesses his own plans, can get things wrong, can falsely anticipate what may happen next, and may even repent of his own past conduct is a God unworthy of devotion, trust, and praise. What open theists have "gained" by their insistence on God as a risk-taker has been won at the expense of God's full wisdom, knowledge, trustworthiness, majesty, sovereignty, and glory; and it leads inevitably to doubt, worry, and fear regarding the fulfillment of God's plans. This surely is a case of trading in the family inheritance for plans to build a new home on attractively advertised but worthless swampland." (Ware, 158-9)


CeCe said...

Hey John, Congrats on your marriage! Found your link through Sam Neylan's blog - how is your family/church doing in the midst of the SanDiego fires?

CeCe said...

I just read "Is there anybody out there" - about a year ago or so I tried to post a comment on your blog - but was rejected - saying that you had not enabled that feature. I am not sure if I tried to email you or not to let you know - I don't think I have your email address anymore. Anywhoo - Say helloooo to Sarah for me :)

jrf said...

"CeCe" So good to here from you!
So you're a mom! Awesome!

So good to finally be in touch again.

my family is fine, we have some friends who have been affected by the fires though.

Things are going good at church. Had some tough times recently but God has been good as always.

gotta go but keep in touch

NKF said...

Now that I know how to respond...I think I will. Of coarse God knows the future!!! Your article was pretty theological for me, but as I was doing my Hebrews study today I came across this passage in Galations that seems to be one of the places that supports this. "The Scripture, FORSEEING that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying, All the nations will be blessed in you...Gal. 3:8-9