Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is anybody out there?

I need to know if anyone is reading this blog anymore. When I started this over two years ago, I stated my goal:

My goal in creating this blog is both to provide exposure and dialogue to a very dynamic and needed ministry as well as to share the lessons and adventures that the Lord brings my way. I don't know if it is such a good idea, but I will attempt to be open and honest in my writing. At times it will be offensive, confusing, vulgar, and desparate because let's be honest so is life (and coincidentaly the Bible). Yet just as I will share my tears with you, I promise to strive to share my joy with you as Christ shows His burning glory in my world. I pray above all that this blog points always to Christ and not to myself.

Easier said than done.

My goal remains the same. To sum up I hope this blog exposes readers to inner city ministry, excites readers about Christ, spurs believers on to thought and discussion, and edifies readers in their pursuit of knowing Christ and making Him known.

Really the only way I have of knowing if progress is being made towards these goals is from your feedback. Do you agree, not agree, need clarification, have imput on the topic posted on, think I'm a heretic, think I'm ugly, want to give money to our ministry...etc.

For those of you unfamiliar with how blogs work, let me introduce you to the COMMENTS section. At the end of every post, there is a section that will say: comments. The number of comments will precede it, so what it will probably look like for most posts is:
Posted by jrf at 10:44 AM 0 comments Links to this post.

to comment click on the word comments.
a page will come up and you choose your identification (your blogger id if you have a blog, your name, or anonymous if you are scared I'm gonna hunt you down). type in your comment in the box and click "publish your comment". The comment gets sent to me so I can approve it. I do this to weed out spam and inappropriate content.

If you read this blog and it has been helpful for you, or you have ideas about how it could be helpful to you, please comment. It will be like giving me an electronic hug! or whack on the head! Both are welcome.

I know it takes time to read and comment on posts but it also takes time to write the posts and if nobody is reading/and or benefiting from them, I would be a better steward of my time doing other things.

through Christ
for Christ


MN aunt said...

I always read your blog because I think you are an exceptional writer. Plus, as a new Christian, I am always wanting to learn more and your writings have helped me a lot.

jrf said...

thanks! did mom tell you to write? either way i appreciate the encouragement

mn cousin's wife said...


mn cousin's wife said...

Gracie left those blank comments...anyway, we enjoy reading your blog.

T-Bone said...

i read it. when i switched mine over to wordpress, I was surprised by how many people are reading it. it is great to see how many are looking, where they are coming from, what posts are most popular and the such. you should switch over.

MOM said...

Yes, I read your blog and think it's very insightful. I have learned a lot and you have directed me to other sights I may not of otherwise visited. I love your travel logs and thoughts. NKF

jrf said...

Thanks MOM