Friday, January 25, 2008

News from Iraq

As some of you know, my dad shipped out to Iraq for thirteen months last week. Here is his first news letter:

The Next Big Adventure
Tales from the Land of the Arabian Nights

Hello friends and prayer partners. After a harrowing and eventful (just kidding) 20 hours on the airplane, we found ourselves in Camp Virginia, Kuwait. Having arrived at 0400 in the morning, we were assigned our tents and promptly did a recon of our situation. Being the old guy in the group, I tried to sleep. However, after listening to 20 other senior folks make noise, I realized it was an exercise in futility. Having then joined the gang, I went to breakfast.
After a day-long delay, we got a brief and our line types received ammunition for their weapons. We were after all, in a war zone. When our flight arrived, we all put on our flak jackets and helmets and crammed into a C-130 flight to Al Asad. Once there, we all pulled our gear and went into our assigned quarters. May I say, rustic is too good of a word to describe the situation. However, no complaints here because it was better than many who went before us had it. It was here that I stopped to thank the Lord for those who were praying for me and also for His grace in my life.
Having not slept for 2 days, it was a great feeling to sleep. Being a light sleeper, I had no trouble at all falling asleep for three hours before I woke up to meet my fellow Chaplains. Matter of fact, I had no trouble falling asleep when I was listening to many boring briefs. Yes folks, jet lag had set in. My counterpart did his best to accomodate my inattentiveness, but I finally succumbed and hit the rack at 7 pm only to become wide awake at 2 am. Forcing myself to sleep again, the Lord refreshed me and all is normal once again.
I have spent the day now looking at facilities, logistical arrangements and placing Chaplains over this whole base. I will say that this is a position which is out of my league and so I ask you for the following prayer requests:

1. Wisdom in using limited resources of preaching and teaching so we can maximize our testimony for Jesus Christ.
2. The Lord of the Harvest. There are over 22,000 souls on this base. Many do not know or care about the Lord.
3. Safety for our fighting men and women. It’s been a month since the last death, but that is still one too many.
4. Peace in this part of the world, so that the Gospel will have free access.
5. Peace of mind for Nancy who is taking care of the family business at home.
6. The radio ministry to be an effective witnessing tool for this base and 3 others as well.

I will give more specifics in my next letter. For now I just want to thank you for your part and help in this ministry. For the glory of the Lord!!

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